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Welcome to our space on the interweb - we are thrilled to have you here with us.
We hope you are liking what you see :)

Our names are Kassie and Dusty and we are the photographers behind k.b. photography. 
When you book a session with us, you will get one or the other depending on our schedules :)
Don't you worry - we shoot and edit with the same style!

She loves... 
+ coffee shops
+ walks with her hubby
+ rainy days
+ tennis
+ hotels
+ pizza
+ color
+ fresh air
+ road trips
+ diy projects
+ and above all, her husband :)

He loves...
+ sports 
+ movies
+ Smokey & The Bandit
+ pillow talk
+ long walks with his wife
+ Chinese food
+ filmmaking podcasts
+ long baths
+ family time
+ slumber parties with Gray
+ and above all, his wife :) 

Now, that's enough about us! 
We would love to get to know you and be able to photograph you and your loved ones. 
Shoot us an email at

You can also connect with us here:

We live in Orange Beach, Alabama, but also cover the surrounding areas.
We look forward to meeting you!