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The Kitchens Family ❤ - Fort Morgan Family Beach Photo Shoot

It's safe to say that Dusty fell fast and hard for this family.
I don't think they minded him either :)

I had a smile on my face the whole time I edited this session - their love for one another is so apparent and they look like they're having an absolute blast ❤

Such good sports :)

Siblings ❤
Jacob is headed to Asia to be a missionary for two years and the family wanted to capture this vacation they are sharing before he leaves :)
That was a good gift for their mama!


When Dusty suggested that these two run into the water and tackle one another, they did not hesitate for a second.
Pretty awesome, right?

Thank you to the Kitchens Family for being an absolute joy to photograph and be around.
Best wishes on your future endeavors and we hope to meet again, soon!