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Days 161-170 - Project 365.

Father's Day cheers in bed!
Daddy was delivered breakfast in bed with sparkling cider for all of us.
And father and son movie tickets - it's their favorite thing to do…so much excitement that they attended the 10 am showing :)

*Don't start doing the math on my days…I may be a bit behind, but that's not the point - I'm still capturing memories I wouldn't have otherwise :)

We were driving out of The Wharf, headed home, and Gray said to himself, 'I wish I would have ridden the escalator'.
Dusty found a parking spot and told Gray to go ride that escalator!
Gray's eyes lit up, he ran to it, rode it, then sprinted back to the car with a huge smile on his face.
It would have been easy to say, 'we'll ride it next time', (which is what I possibly may have done), but saying yes to those little things, makes everyone happier :)

I was needing a dog fix, so I was more than happy to dogsit Abby Singer :)
She loves when I take pictures of her…can't you tell?

This is what I came home to after my shoot.
Ahoy Matey!

Dusty has been craving a banana split for years and this night at 11:00 PM, DB got what he wanted :)

After every movie we watch, Gray immediately looks up the cast, studies who was in the movie and other movies they might have been in…he also refers to movies as live action, claymation, or animated.

We took a mini vacation and headed to Disney World!
It was a fun date weekend for us :)

We spent one day at Magic Kingdom and one evening at Downtown Disney, but I'm cheating and using photos for three days - this girl has to catch up!


I had high hopes for this trip to Ikea, but we ended up walking away with nothing :(
We did share Swedish meatballs, chicken strips, fries, and Dusty double fisted an ice cream cone and a cinnamon roll.