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Days 151 - 160 - Project 365.

We made it to Chicago!
We rented a little studio apartment for the four nights we were there…it was adorable and perfect for what we needed…success :)

One of my favorites is when Dusty grabs me and we dance in the kitchen.
It never fails, it always makes my heart feel full :)

 Working through movie things with beer and pizza.
It was good to see our Chicago friends :)

I'm not much for taking photos of flowers, but these caught my eye while taking a walk.
When I needed a break, I grabbed my camera and went exploring - something I should do more often.

Chicago is a nice switch-up.
The architecture, culture, variety, things to see, etc.
Traveling is fun.

Tree covered streets are one of my favorite things.

Pit stop during our drive - Chillers in Scottsburg, Indiana - thank goodness we don't have one of those in Orange Beach…that would be dangerous.

And we are home!
Sooooo happy to see this little boy - oh how we missed him.
Not seeing him for a bit called for early pick-up from camp, the arcade, ice cream and a promised ferris wheel ride for the next day.

Gray has decided that sleeveless shirts are his new go-to summer wear.
I understand - it is HOT outside.

Promised ferris wheel ride = fulfilled.
He couldn't contain his excitement :)