Top Social

Days 141 - 150 - Project 365.

Sunset dinner with my best friend :)

We've been riding our bikes more often lately and it sure has been enjoyable.

Pool day at The Oasis!
I secretly bought those goggles for myself (Gray already had a pair without the nose that he wears) because this girl is a nose plugger and she likes to do handstands and somersaults underwater…but, Gray wore them the whole time.
I think we are going to need another pair.

As we know, Gray doesn't love the camera.
So, my friend, Kara, told Gray she would do a canon ball for him if he let me take a picture.
Gray's response: 'Well, I'm not very good at this…um, Kara? Could you do me a favor and tickle my foot?'
And this photo here, is the result of foot tickling :)

That time Gray and I got ice cream together and then he wrote about it :)
Reading his journal from 1st grade was fun, very fun.

 Now that it's summer, sleeping in forts is in full force.
And now that we don't have assigned reading, bring on the adventure-filled chapter books!
Going to the library has never been more fun :)

Target dollar section makes me happy.
Also, as I was walking through the doors of Target, I heard a loud 'pop' and then my sunglasses fell off of my face.
I took that as a sign and treated myself to a new pair.

Our BBQ wedding celebration invites are about to hit mailboxes worldwide…exciting!

Roadtripping to Chicago will allow us to read these bad boys.

Life is good.
I'm becoming more grateful each day with the fact that Dusty and I are both doing what we love.
I'm thankful we are able to spend our days with one another.