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Days 131 - 140 - Project 365.

The first starfish I've seen in the 'wild'.
Fort Morgan.

It was honors day at school and Gray was receiving the all A's award…thus, the donuts for breakfast :)

Gray is currently very into the show, American Pickers.
Instead of cartoons in the morning, he chooses episodes of the show on Roku.
Naturally, he had the urge to do some 'picking', so him and Dusty headed to the thrift stores to find treasures.
Gray came home with this hat.
Picked: $1.99
Valued: ???

 I've never been a fan of just 'lying' in the sun.
However, I've been craving the sun lately…this is new to me.
Need a break from editing?
Outside into the sun I go :)

We were walking back on the boardwalk after a shoot, admiring the beautiful sunset, and a little 4-year-old boy from the shoot said that the sunset meant Jesus was holding all of us ❤
Needless to say, we all melted :)

Travis came to visit!

OMGoodness, my best friend is here from North Dakota!!!
I couldn't have been more excited.
We headed to the beach to work on her tan immediately…right after she purchased an Orange Beach visor :)

Beach day, every day when you have visitors.
I like that.

Dolphin cruises never disappoint.
I highly recommend Cold Mil Fleet cruises if you're in the business of taking one!

Sunscreen application was key for Kara while visiting.