Top Social

Days 121 - 130 - Project 365.

  Dusty helped a friend with a real estate video and in turn, we were invited to stay at the home for the weekend.
The home was a 1.9 million dollar beach home with an elevator. Sign me up!
We took an evening walk on the beach, sat by the water with a cold beer, listened to the crashing waves in the dark, and had wonderful conversation :) 

 Morning coffee the next day.

Gray discovered Siri and boy, was that fun entertainment :)
'What's your name?'
'Was Frank Oz the voice of Yoda?'
'I miss you.'
And many more questions.

We've been hearing a lot of clients talk about their love for Orange Beach lately and how they wish they could live here - helps me to appreciate this beautiful place more and more.

Family 'hike'.

Sunset at the beach.

'Ah, Kassie…is there a baby in your tummy yet?
I'm ready for a brother or sister'.

Gray received this beloved radio from his Pop Pop.
He listened to it on the way home from Lillian and then we all enjoyed it on our walk together.
He wants to always be talking about it and it's pretty darn cute.
'We're going on a 5 minute drive to the store? Oh, let me grab my radio'.

Dancing. And that's what we call, working it.

Family water gun fight at the pool today…always fun.