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Days 111 - 120 - Project 365.

I have a feeling I'll be cherishing this photo for years to come.
My dad, in his shop :)

From my nephew, Oliver - ❤

My dad and I worked together and made a giant, outdoor jenga game for Dusty and I's backyard BBQ wedding celebration this summer.
You guys, I never knew how much I loved a router.

The night before I traveled back to Alabama was loads of fun.
My best friend was at my parents and the four of us drank cocktails, played Farkle, laughed, and had the best time.
Seeing your parents smile nonstop and laugh uncontrollably = awesome.
It's good to go out on top :)

Ultimately, Project 365 is for my family and I...
…and creating a book at the end full of memories that I want to always remember, is the end result.
I understand this photo of sandwiches doesn't mean anything to anyone else, but it's something I want to remember.
How my mom makes them for me each time I fly out (which is about 4 times a year :)), how my dad makes sure to run to the store to get the lunch meat and buns, and how they are always prepared the night before…my mom is not a fan of procrastination :)

Early morning snow surprise : O
One last snowfall before I fly out is always welcome.

I'm back with my boys!
Wearing swimsuits during bath time makes it much more fun :)

As I'm sure you all know, 'All of Me', by John Legend is beautiful…like make you get all emotional, beautiful.

I shared the song with Dusty and once it got to the chorus, he had tears rolling down his cheeks, he then took my phone, stopped the song, and tossed it across the room :)
And said 'Kassie, don't do that to me!'

Making the most of these last semi-cool nights we have upon us.

Playing under the lights is my favorite.