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Welcome to the world, Wells Clarence Thompson ♥ - Fairhope, Alabama & Pensacola, Florida Birth Photographer

I booked my flight to North Dakota for Thursday, April 10th - arrival time being 11:18 PM.
My nephew, Wells, made his debut mid-afternoon on April 10th, so I just missed him.
Waiting to see him until the next morning was going to have to do :)

Also, if you're expecting and are thinking about having a birth photographer, I would love to be your girl.
Or maybe you would like photos taken at the hospital immediately after the birth, but not during, that would be perfect, too! 
I would be completely honored to be able to capture such a special moment in your life.

Now, without further ado, introducing, Wells ♥ :

My baby fever is officially at its highest level at this point.