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Day 70-80 - Project 365.

70/365 - a daily reminder.
'The trick is to enjoy life. 
Don't wish away your days,
waiting for better ones ahead.
The grand and the simple, they are equally 

- Marjorie Pay Hinckley

In an effort to make the most of my waiting time during Dusty's appointment, I accomplished a two mile walk, took pictures of trees, and still had plenty of time to spare.

My mom told me I need more 'selfies' in my project.
The thing is, I am painfully awkward in front of a camera.
A little tidbit I thought I would share with all of you.
However, I love being behind it :)

It's my birthday!
I had a wonderful day which consisted of the above lunch, hours of relaxation time by the bay, a walk on the beach, and then pizza and a kind of day :)

Gray requested we all wear our matching pj pants from Grandma for our movie night :) 
Also, have you seen Toy Story 3 lately?
It rocks.

Bad weather turns her into a snuggle bug and that's how I like it.

After even just a couple of days of rain, it's nice to feel the warmth of the sun.

An evening walk with an added bonus.

Something I want to remember: the way he has the bed ready for me with the covers on my side pulled down.
Each night it makes me smile. 
He's the sweetest.

Imagine a family up there on that boardwalk...oh, the possibilities! 

I have rediscovered my love of beach walks and it's very exciting :)