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19/365 - great day.


We had a fun-filled day on the 19th.
After church, we went to the park where Gray and Daddy played while I took pictures.
Dusty runs around the playground and has adventures with Gray like he is also six years old - Gray loves it...anytime I tried to get a picture of just Gray, Dusty was always lurking behind. Ha

We enjoyed a little picnic after playing and then we were off to the tennis courts.
Gray received his first tennis racquet from my Mom and Dad for Christmas and he couldn't wait to try it out.
Multiple times while we were playing, he would say, 'this is fun! I think we should do this everyday'.
I'm thrilled to have him interested in tennis...I will go any day you want to, buddy.

During the afternoon, we washed our vehicles out front, played, and then watched a movie together.
Before Gray went to sleep he said, 
'I'm so was such a great day'.