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16/365 - ruby.


Ruby is my niece and she is a firecracker. 
I was living with my sister when little Ms. Ruby entered the world and we've had a special bond ever since. 
And Ruby, she doesn't just give her love away.

While home over the holidays, I spent a few days at her home in Fargo. 
Some of my favorite moments we had together: 
+her constant need for me to be softly scratching her back and tummy
+her falling asleep on my chest
+her request for sleeping together every night
+her giving me compliments left and right - she always loved everything I wore, my mad dance skills, the way I made her toast, my fingernail painting abilities, my hair, my make-up, etc. I need her around more often :)
+cuddling up with me at dinner
+and my most favorite: we were having a 'moment' while playing together, looking at each other and smiling, and she says, 'Kassie, you're extraordinary'. I don't think it gets much better than that.

*Disclaimer: I love all seven (soon to be eight) of my nieces and nephews equally. I just loved this photo I took of Ruby and wanted to remember that oh so sweet comment she said to me :)