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Family Portrait Session - Pensacola Beach, Florida - Gulf Coast Photographer

Lovely clients that we had had previously told their friends about us which led us to meet this awesome family :)
They were staying in Santa Rosa, so we met somewhat in the middle at Pensacola Beach.
Pensacola Beach sure was fun to shoot at and it didn't hurt that these crazy boys were up for anything!
 Grandpa made it into a few shots during the session...the boys told me that their Grandpa is lots of fun and likes to tease them...sounded just like my Grandpa :)

 Mama and her boys...

It had rained all day, but somehow our shoot managed to happen during the one hour it stopped raining - lucky, lucky us. 
The previous stormy weather also provided us with beautiful, soft light during our session. 
Once we were in our car to head home, it started down pouring and continued for our whole drive...this shoot was just meant to happen :)

 I'm pretty sure the whole 'tackle each other' part of the session was Simon and Samuel's favorite part...
 As we were walking to our vehicles, Simon (big brother), asked me if I thought I got the shot of him laying on his little brother. 
He said he knew that was going to be his favorite.
Thank goodness I got it :)

This was another one of those sessions where I left on cloud nine.
Thanks y'all for asking us to photograph your family...we hope to see you again soon!