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Family and Maternity Portrait Session - Orange Beach, Alabama & Gulf Coast Photographer

Dusty and I had the pleasure of working with this sweet family. 
David is also into photography, which always makes it fun :)

Currently a family of three, but soon to be a family of four!
Along with it being a family portrait session, we were able to fit in some maternity-type photos, which I've been dying to get the chance to was my lucky day.

Okay enough talking, let's see the photos already...

Beautiful mama.

 Logan was not afraid to get his scare on...

You know what is one of the best feelings?
After a shoot when your adrenaline is going and you keep saying, 'that was so much fun...they were great...I loved them'. 
And then you look at the photos on the drive home and you are even more excited about the shots you got...that's exactly how I felt after this shoot.
Not to take away from this family, but I suppose I feel like that after almost every shoot - I love what I do and one of my favorite parts is meeting all of these sweet people.
So, to everyone we have photographed, I would like to say thank you and it was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you.
I just got a little sentimental on y'all...don't mind me :)