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The Seller family requested for their photos to have a background that felt like North Dakota and boy am I glad they did.
We headed to the outskirts of town and found ourselves some farmland.
It turns out I'm a sucker for locations like this was absolutely beautiful.
It probably didn't hurt that our subjects were equally beautiful, if not more :) And their happiness shines through in every single photo.
 It was near impossible to narrow this session down because I loved so many of, here goes - a narrowed down version of the gazillion photos we could have chosen...

David + Kelli + Brett + Vance

The sun went in and out from behind the clouds while we were shooting and I'm glad it came out for this next shot...'s one of my favorites.

 We could just feel the love between these was wonderful.

  I'm a big fan of bringing things that the kids can do during the shoot - as long as they go along with the shoot and coordinate - when the kids have had enough, it's a great go-to :) And even better if it helps their personalities to shine through and shows what they love doing at their age.

These boys loved their rocks...
A little after session treat for Brett. Vance was already in the car trying to get out of dodge, so I couldn't get a shot of him and his treat :)
Thank you to the Seller family for giving us the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family.
We can't wait to see y'all again - we loved meeting you AND photographing you :)