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The B Family ❤

The B family is an absolute dream to photograph.
They're laid back, playful, loving AND they let me do me. 
What more could I ask for?! 

Aspen + Nat - Honeymoon Session

Aspen and Nat reached out to do a honeymoon session.
Let me tell you, I'm sold on this idea. If you're on your honeymoon in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, CALL me. I'm officially obsessed with these shoots. 
I had the best time with these two and their love for each other radiates. 

Meet Aspen & Nat: 
They love thrift stores and their two dogs, Scout and Hazen <3 

The LeMaire Family ❤

The Stenning Family ❤

Tasha + Louis + Lucy + Oliver + Henry + Charlotte
Lovers of hiking, soccer, beach time, reading, and traveling ❤

I had such a wonderful time with this crew.
It was a relaxed session where mama was just wanting more candid, lifestyle type photos. 

Mama & her boy ❤

I typically skip the writing part on the blog posts, which I realize kind of defeats the purpose, but words are not my strong point.
I'll go ahead and give this one a shot though...

We photographed Natalie and her extended family a few years ago, so when she said she wanted a session with just her and her boy, I could not have been more excited. A whole hour with just the two of them? Count me in.
Natalie is a fellow photographer and photographers are some of my favorite people to photograph <3

Her and I had the same vision for the shoot - one or two posed, smiling at the camera pictures and the rest were to be playing, loving on each other and me capturing moments - this is my favorite recipe for any session. It creates more authentic and heartfelt images. And who doesn't want that?

Natalie + Miles

The Crowe Family ❤

The Zito Family ❤

The Smith Family ❤

The Guillot Family ❤

The Veasey Family ❤

The Vigdal Family ❤

The Lopez Family ❤